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Welcome to my consulting business! My name is Smaranda, and as a medical school graduate and former internal medicine resident, I understand the challenges that medical students and residents face. Throughout my journey, I have noticed a lack of resources and support that hinder the success of these individuals.

Having personally experienced feelings of being overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed out, I am dedicated to helping others overcome these obstacles. My mission is to share my knowledge and experiences with medical students and residents, empowering them with the tools and guidance they need to perform at their best.

From navigating the complexities of medical school and residency programs to career development and USMLE preparation, I am here to support you every step of the way. My belief is that everyone deserves a fair chance to excel, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Together, we can create a more supportive and nurturing environment for medical professionals at all levels. Let's work towards your success!

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